Online Advertising ... bow down to Google

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About Laurentiu Mitrea

Perfectionist, Passionate about Digital, eCommerce and Technology, Media Specialist, Web-Freelancer.
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  1. Wish I can express as you do. What a blog? Can you give the names of websites who are paying for bloggers? I am sure you must be making tons of money. I want to do the same, but in own sweet time. Meanwhile I have worked on my interests and posted some micro-jobs on buy best inphographics online,graphic designers hire and Mostly I have my writing skills on offer. Many have responded. I am happy as anyone can be.

    1. Thank You Robert. At the moment, I am not making any money from blogging ... one day maybe and I will quit my job for sure :) . This blog is like a bookmark for my in order o inspire me and maybe others in their every day job. Hope to hear from you soon on my blog and I will visit for sure your website ... maybe new opportunities will come.